What Is The Concept Behind A Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a way of life in which the person maintains a harmonious balance in their physical activity, rest, diet,  intellectual activity, recreation, hygiene and spiritual peace.

The holistic approach

The history of a person comprises everything he or she did since birth. That includes his or her thoughts, ideology, evaluations, actions, until the time taken into consideration. Another factor is the historical, political, economic and social context in which it influences a person"s decision-making. Besides being important in Psychology, for the formation of the individual personality, the personal history has great importance in a person"s lifestyle and over all health.

Avoid Excess

All kinds of excessive habits should be avoided to live a healthy life. For example, overeating is as bad as eating too little. With this in mind, one must eat the most nutritious foods, such as fruits, cereals, vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Such eating habit is essential to maintain an adequate body weight. Unfortunately, fashion has pushed people to lose weight to look extremely thin, leading many young people to diseases such as bulimia and anorexia that put their lives at risk.

You should apply the same principle when it comes to other aspects of your life. One example is to have an adequate rest for your body. Your body should also perform appropriate physical activities. You don"t have to go to the gym meet that requirement. A simple walk or using stairs every day will suffice. These steps are straightforward, and one should not be desperate in achieving the perfect body as overthinking will lead to psychological imbalance.

Get rid of substances you don"t need

You should also avoid non-essentials such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs,  and even self-medication. If you observe some symptoms, consult your doctor. It is also good to have an overall physical exam once a year, as a routine, after the age of 40, to do analysis, cardiological studies, and control blood pressure.

At the current living conditions, it ‘s hard to avoid stress and everyday troubles. Being on the rush, you tend to consume instant products and eat quickly. Those products are rich in fats and dyes. The busy schedule will also cause one to sleep too little. Consumerism drives people to have more and more material things, taking time away from leisure and social life, which are also necessary parts of a healthy life. Many of the diseases recognize their origin from the modern lifestyle.

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